It is certainly not news to anyone that the inner-workings of journalistic practice is wrought with political interest, often to the detriment of the stories that need desperately to be told. It might appear as though we are in the midst of a changing media landscape – the rise of Web 2.0 concurrently with the alleged fall of print are summoned as unequivocal evidence among media watchdogs- a long-standing dilemma remains intransigent: the worst injustices in this world attract the least attention, and are the most challenging stories to tell, adequately.

Any media professional who intends on contributing responsibly to societal well-being through journalistic practice must wrestle with the realities of this precarious trade, and confront the ethical dilemmas that invariably arise.  Media ethics might be an academic discipline, but its substance is derived from a journalist’s lived experience. This blog documents my quest to shed light on under-reported issues pertaining to human rights and social justice, while highlighting the methodical challenges associated with bringing such issues to the fore.

Underlying my work as a reporter and as a student of world affairs is an enduring belief – nourished by certain journalists I have always admired – that we ought to be of service to those who suffer and so often go unheard, and at every opportunity attempt to convey to the public those covert voices that are critical of our deeply held convictions.


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